When you teach a girl about her body, you give her the right to make safe and informed decisions that affect her health and well-being.

The Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of women and girls are often neglected and hardly seen as a major issue that needs addressing if women and girls are to live to their full potential and contribute their part in ending poverty or impacting their communities.

The freedom to decide when and whom they marry, when and how many children they have, to live free from violence, and to make decisions regarding their bodies are key to empowering girls at all levels. We can’t resolve women and girl’s education, economic and political inequalities without addressing issues that surround these inequalities.

In the North West Region of Cameroon today African Girls is engaged in a series of SRHR education workshops aimed at empowering and equipping at least 200 girls in rural areas with knowledge of their bodies so they can make informed and empowered decisions concerning their sexuality preventing and protecting themselves from;

These education workshops target adolescent girls 13 – 19 years, run for 3 – 4 hours and in a fun and interactive way discusses among other topics;

  • Changes at puberty
  • Menstrual hygiene management
  • Sexual choices and consequences
  • Early and unplanned pregnancies
  • HIV/AIDS and other Sexually transmitted infections
  • Teenage pregnancies and illegal abortions and
  • Gender based violence (including rape, breast ironing, child marriage and more)

So far we’ve had 3 education workshops reaching over 110 adolescent girls with more workshops programmed in the upcoming week.  Drive.google.com