13th October 2020
International Day of The Girl Child

It has been 25 years since the Beijing platform for action was adopted. Since 2012 every October 11 is being celebrated as International Day of the girl child. This is marked by campaigns and activities that amplify the voices of girls.
This year African Girls joined the rest of the world with the theme “My voice our equal future” creating a safe space for girls to raise their voices on issues affecting them.

24th – 28th April 2020
Covid-19 Awareness

The Coronavirus (COVID 19) is a global health pandemic and requires personal and collective efforts to fight it.
From the 9th to the 11th of April African Girls engaged in sensitization around the Ntarikon and Nkwen markets in Bamenda.
Posters with information on COVID-19 were placed in strategic positions to create more awareness.
Buckets and soap to enable frequent hand washing was also donated to the markets.
We keep making a difference!

December 2019
Empowering Refugee Girls

Due to the ongoing crisis in Cameroon, some 437,000 people have been displaced within the country’s borders and about 35,000 have been forced to seek safety in Nigeria. They have limited access to food, health, education water and sanitation resources.
From the 9th to the 11th of December 2019, African Girls visited the refugee settlement in Ogoja, Cross River State Nigeria and had training on menstrual hygiene management as well as training on the production of liquid soap and bleach. Adolescent girls were donated pads, The skills in liquid soap and bleach production will be used by the girls and women to start up petty businesses as well as home use,
Special thanks to
Your collaboration made our stay memorable.

9th September 2018
Girls Leadership Symposium

The Girls Leader Symposium 2018 was phenomenal. Oh yes, there was a lot of laughter, hugging, dancing, learning, sharing & networking. It was a day well spent changing mindsets & transforming minds. Building self-esteem, improving the way we see our bodies, empowering ourselves to lead, learning new strategies & better techniques to start & run successful businesses, reminding and teaching ourselves the importance of being a part of the development of our communities and how we can move from ideas to impact. It was truly a day of education.

7th August 2018
Empowering Teenage Mothers

Last year we trained teenage mothers how to design jewelry, shoes, bags, purses and home decoration accessories out of beads and African fabric. This training was intended to empower young mothers that will enable them to raise resources to take care of themselves and their children and increase their chances of going back to school.

This year, in the midst of chaos in Cameroon, we trained 18 teenage mothers. They did their 1st phase of training and are now in the 2nd phase. It’s been a challenge with the current predicament in the region but when the organization is blessed with a wonderful Director, Bih Pascaline, projects are properly executed.

28th may 2018
Menstrual Hygiene Day

In commemoration of today’s Menstrual  Hygiene Day, we extend our gratitude to all African Girls Friends and partners who made training for over 450 girls on Menstrual Hygiene Management possible and increased access to pads for over 80 girls in the North West Region of Cameroon.

Today we engage some young women and men in a period talk. They are sharing their knowledge and experiences on menstruation to educate and address period-related myths and taboos and put an end to stigma.

21st April 2018
Mentor-Mentee  Seminar

African Girls launched the second phase of the mentor-mentee program. Twenty mentees were paired with mentors to build a long-lasting professional relationship with positive impacts on their education, career and personal life.

The mentorship club is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills mentees can learn from mentors, but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success in school, career and beyond.
Interested in being a mentor or mentee with African Girls?  Fill out our mentorship form on http://www.myafricangirls.com/get-involved/ or call/text (+237) 677164873

24th March 2018
Empowered Girls Leadership Seminar

The Empowered Girl Leadership Seminar March is a kick start of an amazing African Girls Program; the Dream Academy Club. Miss it for nothing for it is an introduction to an awesome package with plenty of opportunities for growth.

16th December 2017
The SHE Conference

The SHE was held at Azam Hotel Bamenda – Cameroon targeting young professional women with the objective to create a platform for experience sharing, promote synergy and build leadership capacities. Forty-Seven Participants are present and through speaker presentations, panel discussions and short talks we share why we should and how we can pioneer social change, become visible, be resilient in our leadership and the power of synergy.

During Conference, the 15 young mothers trained as part of the Vocational Training program received their certificate of graduation from their 4 months of training.  The next SHE Conference will be in Limbe Cameroon, in November 2018. Date and location TBA.

9th December 2017
Girls Leadership Symposium

African Girls organizes a Girls Leadership Symposium at Ayaba Hotel Bamenda – Cameroon with the main objective to inspire and empower girls to lead change in their lives and communities. Symposium runs for 5 hours with 53 girls present.  Through speaker presentations, a panel discussion and experience sharing, girls are inspired to find their voice, how to develop their leadership potentials, create impact and tell their own stories to inspire other girls in their communities. The next Symposium will be in Limbe Cameroon, in November 2018. Date and location TBA.

18th – 31st March 2017
Sexual Health and Menstrual Hygiene Workshop

African Girls carried out 4 Sexual Health and Menstrual Hygiene Management workshops reaching over 147 girls in Bafut, Mankon, Nkwen and Bali Sub-Divisions of the North West Region of Cameroon. The workshop focused on empowering and equipping girls with knowledge of their bodies so they can make informed and empowered decisions concerning their bodies preventing and protecting themselves from infections, violence and embarrassments.

Workshops ran for 3-4hrs and cover among other topics;

  • Changes at puberty
  • Menstruation and period Management
  •  Sexual choices and consequences
  •  Early and unplanned pregnancies
  • HIV/AIDS and other Sexually transmitted infections
  • Teenage pregnancies and illegal abortions and
  • Gender based violence (including rape, breast ironing, child marriage and more)

28th – 30th November 2017
Sexual Health and Menstrual Hygiene Workshop

African Girls empowers over 230 adolescent girls with knowledge of their bodies through a series of 4 Sexual Health and Menstrual Hygiene Management workshops in 4 Secondary and High Schools in Fundong Sub-Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. Workshops focus on educating the girls on their bodies, changes they’ll experience at puberty, what these changes mean and how to take care of themselves during this period.

We equally use the opportunity to provide over 80 girls with pads that can last them at least 6 months each to enable them better manage and take care of themselves during menstruation.

22nd October
25th November 2017

The second phase of the Vocational Training for Teenage Mothers runs and this time the young mothers learned how to design massai beaded slippers and sandals, table mats, traditional wedding attires, more shoes, bags and other accessories from beads and African fabric.

7th August
9th September 2017

No to Rape Campaign team visited Local Radio Stations, Driver’s Unions, Youth Groups, Churches and carry out a 2-day public campaign targeting parents, victims, perpetrators, Civil Society Organizations, Local Government officials and the general public. They raised awareness on the reality of rape, encouraged victims to speak out, called out on perpetrators to stop rape, educate parents and the general public on how to prevent rape, protect victims and follow through with cases of rape.

7th August 2017 – 30th September
Vocational Training for Teenage Mothers

5 young girls lead a Vocational Training program with 15 Teenage Mothers in Mankon Sub-division of the North West of Cameroon. The young mothers were taught how to design jewelry, shoes, bags, purses and home decoration accessories out of beads and African fabric. This training is intended to empower these young mothers that will enable them to raise resources to take care of themselves and their children and increase their chances of going back to school.

24th July – 5th August

Five girls were involved in the planning and implementation of the No to Rape Campaign. During this empowerment session, the girls drew a clear plan of work and were trained on how to go about the campaign. During the campaign period, the team gathered statistics from Hospitals and other Non – Profit Organizations working against Violence and designed the campaign materials; posters, bracelets, flyers and letters to officials.

11th April 2017

African Girls encourages volunteering and community participation among girls and organize a Community participation and engagement workshop with 20 young girls exposing girls to the stories of role models from other Countries and encouraging them to get fully involved in the development of their communities. Girls during training identified challenges their communities face and designed micro-projects to implement these projects in their communities. 2 micro-projects got validated; No to Rape Campaign and Vocational Training for Teenage Mothers.