VISION: All Girls Will Stay in School

Girls around the world, without pads, use rags, mattress stuffing, banana leaves, feathers to manage their menstruation. Menstruation is perhaps one of the most regular individual female experiences, but in sub-Saharan Africa, the experience influences general society negatively due to the absence of products required by women and girls to cope with menstrual flow. Affordable and hygienic-sanitary protection is not available to many women and girls in Africa, which has serious public health consequences. In sub-Saharan Africa, millions of girls, in particular, that reach the age of puberty are highly dis-empowered due to the lack of access to sanitary wear. Many of the girls from poor families cannot afford to buy sanitary pads. Hence, they resort to the use of unhygienic rags and cloths which puts them at the risk of infections. Alternatively, young girls are forced to skip school during the time they experience monthly periods to avoid both the cost of pads or the use of clothes. In some tribes in Nigeria, and per cultural practices, girls are made to use and reuses clothes for fear of rituals and witchcraft if used pad is discarded poorly. AG’s vision for the personal Health club is to:

  • Make sure every girl/woman has access to quality sustainable hygiene and health education by 2025
  • Provide sustainable hygiene solutions and
  • Educate girls on staying in school

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The Lives of Many Girls Are Being Changed Because of Your Support.